No more clerking around!

On June 30th and July 1st we released our 2 part mini- sode pods, answering your questions about the transition from clerk to residency! Zahra (PGY2—> PGY3) and Alison (PGY4—> PGY5) discuss various topics such as what to do if you’re the first one at a code blue, how to deal with multitasking while doing an E.D consult, when to start thinking about CaRM’s round 2 and what the best parts of residency/fellowship are.

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Really Good Stuff

The Intern at Work has had a great month!

Check out our recent publication in Medical Education, in the “Really Good Stuff” section, where we discuss how and why we do what we do !

Click here for the publication

Make sure to look out for us in the upcoming months: The Intern at Work will be featured in oral and poster presentations at a variety of conferences including The International Conference of Medical Education, Norman Education Research Day and McMaster Research Day!

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Book to Bedside 2018

We had a great time collaborating with McMaster’s Book to Bedside event this past Saturday to share The Intern at Work with medical students and potential future internists! Charlie, our noble mascot, couldn’t be happier.

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Ask a Fellow Series!

We're excited to introduce our new Ask a Fellow podcasts!

The "Ask a Fellow" podcast are focused podcasts on high level topics that will be useful to both senior medical residents and clinical fellows. Fellows from all over Canada will be invited to discuss topics in their chosen specialty. 

We hope these are helpful, and if you have any questions you would like to ask a fellow, please contact us and let us know!


Laiya recording our first Ask a Fellow series!

Laiya recording our first Ask a Fellow series!

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