Perioperative Guidelines

Crossing the Bridge - Preparing the Heart for Surgery: Perioperative Guidelines

Written by: Dr. Jonah Himelfarb (Internal Medicine Resident)

Reviewed by: Dr. Louise Harris (Cardiologist) and Dr. Savannah Cardew (General Internist)

Infographic by: Rachel Ahle (Physician Assistant Student)


  1. Canadian Cardiovascular Society Guidelines on Perioperative Cardiac Risk Assessment and Management

  2. Revised Cardiac Risk Index for Pre-Operative Risk

The Intern at Work -
Benzodiazepine Mis(use) in Hospital

Ask a Fellow: Taking the Zzz out of sleep: Benzodiazepine Mis(use) in Hospital

Guest Fellow: Dr. Sam Thrall (Geriatric Medicine Fellow)

Special Guest: Dr. Olivia Geen (Internal Medicine Resident)

Host: Dr. Zahra Merali (Internal Medicine Resident)

Episode reviewed by: Dr. Joye St. Onge (Geriatrician)

Infographic by: Rachel Ahle (PA Student)


  1. Choosing Wisely Canada Geriatrics

  2. Beers Criteria Medication List


  4. EMPOWER Benzodiazepine brochure

  5. First EMPOWER trial, CTU pilot trial

Diabetic Foot Infection

Crisis in the Suburbs - Approach to Diabetic Foot Infection

Written by: Dr. Eitan Aziza (Internal Medicine Resident)

Reviewed by: Dr. Shannon Turvey (Infectious Diseases) and Dr. Selina Dobing (General Internist)

Infographic by: Shannon Gui (Medical Student)


1) JAMA: Does this patient have osteomyelitis?

2) IDSA 2012 guidelines: Diabetic Foot Infections

Diabetic Foot Infection_lowres.jpg
Introduction to Bleeding Disorders

Podcast: Find the leak - The Bloody Truth about Bleeding Disorders

Written by: Dr. Ying Ling (Internal Medicine Resident)
Reviewed by: Dr. Michelle Scholzberg (Hematology) and Dr. Jonathan Ailon (General Internal Medicine)
Infographic by: Howard Ong (Medical student)


1) Bleeding Assessment Tools

2) Blood: How I treat Von Willebrand Disease

3) Clinical Approach to Bleeding and Bruising in Primary Care

4) Coagulation cascade

Bleeding draft 3.png

“A Pain in the Neck”- Meningitis

Written by: Katherine Steckham (IM Resident)

Reviewed by: Dr. Nishma Singhal (Infectious Diseases) and Dr. John Neary (General Internal Medicine)

Infographic by: Dr. Katherine Steckham (IM resident)


1) IDSA Guidelines:

2) NEJM Lumbar Puncture Video:

3) NEJM Study 2002: Dexamethasone in Adults with Bacterial Meningitis

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 3.05.53 PM.png

Approach to Anemia

Written by: Alison Lai (GIM Fellow)

Reviewed by: Dr. Wendy Lim (Hematology) and Dr. Ahraaz Wyne (General Internal Medicine)

Infographic by: Dr. Caitlyn Vasschaert (IM resident)


1) NEJM: A Multicenter, Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial of Transfusion Requirements in Critical Care (TRICC)

2) Choosing Wisely Canada: Hematology Recommendations

3) Blood Journal: Oral iron supplements increase hepcidin and decrease iron absorption from daily or twice-daily doses in iron-depleted young women

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 11.05.02 AM.png