Ask a Fellow Series: Episode 1 - Peripheral Blasts

Below is the infographic to go along with our first Ask A Fellow podcast - Approach to Blasts! This infographic was created by Howard Ong, medical student. 

For more information about blasts, see recommended reading below (list provided by Dr. Siraj Mithoowani):

1. BMJ Leukemia Update Part 1 - Covers an approach to Leukemia in general (acute and chronic).

2. BMJ Best Practice on AML - Although this is a long paper, Basics, Prevention and Diagnosis would be relevant (up to page 17) for an intern. The end (page 64) has some nice high resolution pictures of blasts, Auer Rods, and APL cells.

3. Blood How I Treat Hematologic Emergencies in AML - Nice review article on emergencies in AML; but more at the level of a hematologist.

4. Click here for more pictures of different kinds of blasts! 


BLASTS IN THE BLOOD updated 2.png